Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday morning meanderings..

Under the warmth of the sun we meandered through Whistlers Farmers Markets this morning. Artisan breads, cheeses and pastries were all on offer next to home made soups and organic vegetables, and delicate jewelery was being sold along side Willow hiking sticks and hand-made stationary. With each stall came a truly diverse range of wares.

Lingering near a meat stand my boyfriend was excited to be offered a sample of sausage (the lack of sausages here have created a sausage shaped hole in him) - I told him after he ate it that it was Bison meat. It didn't seem to phase him. Once we had thoroughly explored back and fourth, then picked out some bread and headed home - a scrumptious way to spend the morning.

We've been lucky with the steamy weather lately, though knowing my luck once I press publish on this post within seconds the sky will probably cloud over - I just got back from the lake after spending some much needed time in the sunshine reading about London. I'd probably still be there now but the night time sunburn regret wouldn't be worth it..

Contemplating the UK has been making me excited. It's going to be weird going from LA in Summer to back into cooler temperatures in the London. So this has been tempting me to think about a romantic winter fashion wish list!

Visions of gallivanting around cobblestone streets in a shearling jacket - High-heeled Doc Martins - Loose fitting 'boyfriend-style' blazers - Fingerless gloves - Black leather shorts - Fur gillets - Lots of jewelery - and High Heels with socks have been running through my mind! x

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