Monday, July 12, 2010

My day took a turn for the random

I'd been lying on the couch for a while now.. contemplating whether to get up to buy a 'daily planner' so I could cross off each individual day until we leave, when I heard a key in our door. It was probably the maintenance lady coming to look at our shower.. I got up to put some proper pants on when my boyfriend came rushing into the room with the biggest smile on his face I'd seen ever.

"GUESS WHAT!" he said in a childish-adult way (think Will Ferrell in stepbrothers). I was suspicious. You never can tell with him. He's like the George Bush of surprises, you can't ever be certain of what's going to unfold, so you have to enter with a little bit of trepidation.. "What?" I was curious... "I FOUND SOME PRADA SHOES!! THEY FIT ME PERFECTLY!...And I've been wearing them around work all day doing the moon walk!"

This is exactly the type of thing to happen to him. He just happens upon a pair of Prada shoes. Why can't I just be walking down the street and happen upon a Chanel 2.55? "That's awesome babe!" I thought for a minute.. 1. You know what Prada is? My fashion-babel must actually be seeping into your boy brain on a some sort of level, and 2. You are very excited about it..? For a guy that's happiest in an old DC t-shirt this further reinforces my first thought.

The happy-little-chappy got them out of his bag to show me. Yep they were authentic.. really nice.. black patent leather with laces. He inturupted my observation "I know what they are from The Devil Wears Prada!". Do you now? Well.. I can only see this pleasantly bizarre scenario as a plus.

All in a days work x

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