Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Designs on the future

Ahhh what to do today... it's eleven AM and I'm still in bed... no plans... haven't even looked outside yet.

Yesterday I got to work all day, so today I feel a bit lost.. Should probably really get on to my UK Visa app but so far I've just been stalking people on facebook. I did find out some cool stuff - a girl I went to school with has just had her first film premiere at the Sydney Film Festival as an actress. It's amazing to see people's lives forming as you grow older. It feels like sending notes to each other in geography wasn't that long ago. 'Real life' then felt like a misty mirage flirting about in the future, comfortably just out of reach. Something that would never actually happen. Now it feels like time is starting to spiral out of control, speeding up, getting faster. There's so much to do and no time to think.

As a kid I knew exactly wanted I want to spend my life doing, but since high school I've done a pretty good job of not actually doing it. Really good actually. Not sure why? A fear of failing maybe has just made me shun my ambition so far.. "Look over there, it's some reckless abandonment! That should distract you for a while", or "Weee! I'm taking up snow boarding, something I've never previously had any interest in doing! You're going to have to wait a little longer!"

Obviously I'm aware that can't go on forever.. and I hadn't planned it to.. so the other day I enrolled in Central Saint Martins College to do a Fashion course in Folio Prep. The aim is that by the end of the course you should end up with a Fashion Folio to submit as part of an application to a uni or college. It's been a while coming. I'm excited, and scared. John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and M.I.A. studied there. So I'm kind of out of my depth.. but it's a start?

Cheers x

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