Monday, June 21, 2010


Whenever I say "Vegas" it's like I have this compulsive urge to say "baby" afterward. Everyone does it, whatever..

VEGAS WAS AMAZING! It was everything I imagined and more. We did so much while we were there. The first night I was actually lucky enough to experience one of my boyfriends many "near death" experiences!

We had picked up this sexy black convertible Mustang to drive out to the Grand Canyon the next day and were trying to navigate our way out of a car park. It was late and confusing and we were both so over it. Then finally he got us to the exit! And decided to proceed to drive the wrong way out onto a four lane freeway of oncoming traffic. Yep. It was like slow motion. This car on the left locked up its breaks and started sliding towards us with all this white smoke. It stopped about a meter from our car on the drivers side. We were so lucky. After the near T-boning incident we decided to call it a night.

The next day we got up early and drove to the Grand Canyon and Hoover dam. Grand Canyon was incredible, I could have spent hours there walking around the rim. It's so huge. There are even houses down at the bottom of it!

That night we saw David Copperfield. Hahaha, I really wanted to "de bunk" his "magic". I was a sceptic, but at the end of the show he made a car appear on two poles which I cannot explain. It was like the size of a hummer! I have no idea how he could make that happen.

The beach at our resort was so good, it was so hot there! I understand why all the hotels seem to be about having a good pool. We hung out there quite a bit and sipped Pina Colada's like a little cliche. That's another cool thing about Vegas. You can take alcohol anywhere! Up to your room, out on the streets, into the shops, where ever you want? It's like the 'cool parents' of cities.

On the last night we had dinner at the top of THE hotel which was another tower of the resort we were staying. The view was crazy. The dessert was my favourite. The waiter was telling us the restaurant was known for their MIX Candy bar. It's basically a tarted-up chocolate bar with coconut lime sorbet, but it changed my life... not really, it was impressive though.
After that we decided to "gamble", something we hadn't done the entire time. It would be weird if we didn't - you can't really say you went to Vegas and didn't gamble. That's like saying you went to Disneyland but didn't go on any of the rides. So we played some blackjack and won! We chimed out while we were ahead. I'm still a bit curious as to what would have happened if we kept playing.. but we would probably just lose...

So we left on a high x

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