Thursday, June 10, 2010


We changed our flights! Yes! Yes! YES! Moved them forward six weeks. So excited about getting to London. Portobello Market, Windsor Castle, Abbey Road, Diagon Alley.. (Kidding... Actually no.. I do want to see Diagon Alley.. Harry Potter- yew).

We're flying out from LA now, so it worked well. We booked flights to go down there a week earlier and explore a bit before we leave. Maybe visit "the happiest place on earth", go to Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, and Malibu etc.

The weather has been sooo miserable! It's crazy. Everyone said it usually would have been hot and sunny for a couple of months by now. I'm not feeling it.. We had one fleeting day of radiant sunlight on Tuesday, so we took advantage and went down to the lake with cheese and olives and sun baked. Some kids had a sick blow up raft and were drinking beers in it. It was awesome - I was jealous haha.

With not much to keep me occupied right now I've been feeling pretty homesick.. Living here has really made me value my life at home and appreciate my family and friends and my city. I miss everyone.

I've also become addicted to Ghost Hunters. OMG. It's this TV show where they go and explore haunted places and film it. It's so addictive, I'm getting obsessed... today at the gym I was even imagining I was seeing things... was that a reflection in the glass or was it maybe spirit orb? My imagination's running wild...

UFO hunter's is on. I have to go do something.. x

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