Friday, June 4, 2010

New stuff

A lot can happen in a week... my boyfriend got another year older, I made some icing in a blender (it worked), and I finally got a job. Can't believe it. It was starting to feel like I'd never work again.. So today I trekked to Vancouver to get some black pants and a white shirt for my work uniform.

It was a big day. I got home just before and tipped my new treasures out onto our floor. As usual I came back with a bit more than needed, but like a proper shopaholic I've "justified it".. Stopped by Used, and again like a true performer found a rad little purse there. Black glomesh with a faded gold chain strap. Perfect for Vegas. She's a little worn but looks like she has had a good life. I get a party vibe from this bag. She reminds me of a rockstars mistress that's had a lot of fun and is now in her fifty's.

Speaking of numbers, the other day was my mans birthday. We wanted to spend it outside at the lake but the rain would just not stop, so we ended up having dinner at Rim Rock Cafe in Creekside. It was cosy as we sat by the fire. The food was amazing, and I found another delicious drink - the Princess Martini. Sounds fancy. It was kind of embarrassing to order "the Princess" when my boyfriend was getting a beer, but ginger and cilantro sounded like an interesting combination I should try in an alcoholic beverage. Genius. How do people come up with ideas like that?


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