Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Love

Bob Marley and Rasta colours are a bit of an influence around here. From t-shirts, to goggles, to hats.. if you look around little hints to Jamaica reveal themselves.. like a mermaid mirage in the desert. Maybe it's something to do with other influences around here... like... mayyybe cannabis..(just saying).. but either way there's a trend. It made me wonder. Lets be honest.. I don't really know much about Bob Marley.. So does that mean other people know what they're getting when they buy this stuff? Do they know was Rasta is? Or do they just get it because they know he was a Jamaican dude who liked to smoke - so he must be cool.

At the library the other day I was looking for DVDs and found a documentary on him. So - why not.. I got it. Who knows, what if I catch myself wearing some of this shit one day - may as well know who the guy was..

It was SO interesting. I found out about all the political convolution going on in the country, his upbringing, people trying to influence his music as he became an influential figure. Even the CIA were involved. I won't bore with the details but it was good.

I hired another one about Annie Leibovitz too. She's always been cool, but she's even cooler now that I know she toured with the Rolling Stones AND worked with Hunter S Thompson. AND! She took the photo of John Lennon naked hugging Yoko Ono five hours before he was assassinated in Central Park! Everyone's probably like duh! Didn't you know that? Call me special but I didn't..

So the past few days I've been a geek at home... oh and to top it all off a baked a loaf of bread... Sometimes I make myself sick (in a good way) x

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