Friday, May 28, 2010

That's where the fun is

Has anyone listened to the song Blinded By The Light by Mandred Mann? After the "blinded by the light" part it really sounds like Paul Jones is singing "wrapped up like a douche".. Apparently it's "revved up like a deuce"..? Neither of them make sense, but wrapped up like a douche sounds great and imagining him singing that makes the song more entertaining.

Lately I've been "wrapped up like a douche" in this gem of a book I've been reading.. it's like a picture book for grownups (it's pretty raw). There's nearly two thousand pictures of people - on the street, in clubs, at shows - with critiques of what they're wearing. The author is so bitchy, but the combination of cool outfits and witty remarks that sound like my friends have made them up create a stroke of magic. AND bonus! Each outfit is rated from 0 - 10 by kitten heads, see below. Warning - not for everyone.

"How wierd must it be to be gay and see every delivery guy as a saucy little tart just asking for it?"

We planned a trip to Las Vegas yesterday. Now that the snow season is over I think my boyfriend is feeling a little bit lost on the weekends... the day after the mountain closed he actually told me thinks he's depressed. This works really well for me because it means we can start doing other stuff... like Vegas!

David Copperfield here I come x

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