Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer hope

It's twilight weather outside at the moment.. There's a gloomy white fog that's settled itself around the mountains, and with constant rain does not a nice day it make. Actually, I could totally imagine Edward creeping around outside in the bushes, with his little brooding state of doom, hiding behind a tree or something...

It has been really hot up until now. Yesterday afternoon we hired bikes and got in touch with nature. We rode along the Valley trail that loops around all the lakes, it was so pretty. People were out with their dogs, having picnics and chilling. The days have begun to start getting steadily warmer and it's staying light until about 10pm now. Summer is in the air!

Finally made it to Crepe Montague this morning. It's a French Creperie that's right outside our apartments elevator. Whenever I walk past it smells amaze. I've been wanting to go there for ages, so you could imagine my excitement - especially to have chocolate and ice cream for breakfast! We got crepes, but if you go there for lunch or dinner they do fondues and raclettes as well. Inside has a french provincial farmhouse feel, with blue benches, wooden chairs and white wall panelling. Cute.

Not sure what to do this afternoon. The wetness is cramping my style.. x

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