Sunday, May 16, 2010

Murder, bad karma and reincarnation

Some crows were trying to get into my apartment today. Seriously. They were lurking around out on the balcony for ages, then I heard some fluttering against the glass door that was open. So I ran over to shut it before they could get in. Sneaky little creeps! Maybe I'm going insane but it was like they had calculated out this plan and were waiting for the right time to strike. I don't know whether or not to believe that they could possibly have to forward thinking to do this, but I have a sneaking suspicion they had a purpose...

So the high light of the past couple of days has been a magazine that I took from the gym. I know... but I had to. Usually I always keep my sweaty fingers to myself but I rationalised that; one) She had been abandoned on a treadmill for the past 20 minutes, two) I hadn't bought a magazine in aaaages and wished I had one, three) I would probably love her more than anyone else, and she'd be going to a good home where she'd be appreciated and understood. And there was a hair article in it that I really needed, so Elle came over to my place. We had hours of fun and enjoyment together. Until cut her up and made a colage. Now she's reincarnated.

Finally got out of the house this afternoon. Went for a stroll to Lost Lake, (Yeah I said stroll. It was romantic). Lost Lake is smallest of the four lakes in Whistler. Can't wait for summer - I plan on hanging there a lot.

Had really good tuna nigiri tonight. Sushi To Go, it's the goods x

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