Thursday, May 13, 2010

Being a Lady of Leisure is hard work

Coming up with new and exciting ways to fill my days without a job is getting pretty difficult. Dr.Phil, Ellen, and the Tyra Banks show all frequent quite regularly on my show watching schedule (should I be admitting this?). But Sadly, daytime television can only take you so far and gets depressing fast.

Recently, I've started to look at my life as like a game. The object being that by the time I get to bed at night to have had what I consider to be a satisfactory day. Taking into consideration my limited funds and resources, I have to get a bit creative.

At the moment I don't have any friends left here - so coffee and hangs are out. The bears are officially active around the village - so wandering valley trails alone is not very inspiring, and there aren't many shops here - so my conventional way of passing the time (shopping) isn't really an option (but trust me I have tried to explore this one extensively before ruling it out).

Instead, I have discovered the Library - this is a very effective use of time which gets bonus points for feeling productive (What are you up to today? Well actually, I'm just on my way to the library to do some 'research'. Bam!). The ambiance of the computer lab is also surprisingly comforting; anything that makes me feel like I'm around other people more and less of a recluse I'll embrace. Props to the library.

Another successful way to while away the hours is in IGA - the supermarket is great because you can explore endless meal options and discover new and exciting foreign ingredients that you've never heard of back home (Sesame wraps? Interesting.. Monterrey jack AND Cheddar cheese mixed together in the same block?!) and then contemplate these new ideas at a leisurely pace (is that genius or crazy?). Luckily for me I live on top of this Supermarket.

You could also go to the Gym. Meadow Park is my personal favourite as this gym also has an ice skating rink, squash courts, various pools and a sauna. Not that I use any of these extra facilities, but it's nice to know they are there and available to me if I so choose to. An added cool thing about Meadow Park is that if you don't have a car you need to take the bus to get there - a novelty living in Whistler, as most places can be walked to. This afternoon I actually took a random bus home that I wasn't familiar with, I didn't even know whether it would end up even getting me back to the village or not, but that added an extra element of excitement to the trip.

I always thought that being a lady of lady-of-leisure was something I could never get tired of... dare I say, might even be good at... but it seems like the working-girl voice within is calling out a little louder now x

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