Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love in Seventh Heaven

This morning began with tantrums. Hating on life, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.. All my friends had left. I missed Sydney. Why I was still here?? The drama could have been connected to my hangover from the night before, or maybe I was still drunk... But my worries soon faded away with views like this.

The mountain was amazing today. Clear and fresh, I even saw a butterfly up there. The snow has gotten so slushy, it's like slipping through butter that's been left out of the fridge for a week. Really fun riding. Didn't have such a successful foray with the T-bars though.. fell off half way. Embarrassing...

Had my first official bear sighting today! At first I thought it was a dog until we got closer and discovered it was a bear! Thankfully I was enclosed in the safety of our gondola - It was exactly how I hoped the circumstances of my first bear encounter would be.. He was smaller than I'd imagined though, but apparently it was a young one.

Can't wait to go back tomorrow x

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