Monday, May 10, 2010

Today I drank my Orange juice in a wine glass

It was more fun than a normal glass. Safe to say I appreciate the small pleasures in life. Well try to most of the time..

Today is my friends last day in Whistler so we have to celebrate. We're going to do Sushi Village tonight. It's a rad sushi restaurant that living in Whistler you will come to know quickly. We're going because they are having a special on Saki Margarita's - $10 for a jug. Joy. Val Kilmer has also been there and I'm not ashamed to say that is definitely another draw card for me...

Anyway I'm excited because yesterday I went to Vancouver and found some things that will help comprise my outfit for tonight. Leopard print H&M flats and a vintage kimono jacket I found at one of my favourite stores USED. Sweet find. I'll probably pair these with my giant Egyptian Horus necklace I got form Pat Fields shop in New york and some black tights or maybe cheap Mondays.

Better go check on the washing x

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