Friday, May 21, 2010

Being my own Best Friend

Going solo isn't something I'm a massive fan of. I need a partner in crime. Someone to hang with me in the daytime.. Someone to tell me my weird ideas are really smart, completely do-able, and should definitely be followed through with. Being my own best friend just isn't as fun... I used to love hanging by myself and doing things alone, so I'm not really sure when going out in public without somebody else started to feel uncomfortable? This got me thinking about what is appropriate and what would make you look a bit crazy to do alone.
Talking - I love talking. There's sometimes nothing better than having a long chat with a good friend. But talking to myself? That's not really something I want to catch myself doing (anywhere) so i refrain from this one at all times. Talking to yourself is OK when you're at home alone - only to a certain point. if you start having full on conversations with you, or worse, an inanimate object (like Tom Hanks Castaway style) then maybe it's time to seek some professional help? Worse still, talking to yourself in public will get you funny looks from strangers pretty quickly. Not appropriate.
Drinking - I'll admit it. I've dabbled with this one... but there's a fine line between mixing yourself a fun little cocktail and sitting alone with a half empty bottle of Jack on the verge of tears.. Lines can get blurred very quickly when alcohol is involved so I'd probably suggest staying away form this one... especially if you have an addictive personality, in which from there could be a very slippy slope down. Don't go there.
Eating out in public - Awkward. Seeing people eating alone at a restaurant makes me feel sad.. but some people are totally cool with it, so it can be done. Personally I wouldn't choose to eat alone, but having a coffee is something I'd be OK with. In this type of situation taking a magazine with you can be beneficial. It gives you somewhere to put your eyes, and it sends the message that "yes, I'm doing something" but also "please don't interrupt me, I'm alone on purpose".
Travelling - This one is too crazy for me to comprehend. Choosing to fly several thousand miles to the other side of the world? Alone? Why? Lots of people do this every day but I just can't understand it. You would have the to-talk-or-not-to-talk-to-myself dilemma all the time? Is-this-appropriate-or-not-appropriate-to-do-alone wouldn't even be an option. I give big props to the person that is confident enough to travel alone. It would probably be an amazing experience to learn a lot.
Unfortunately I'm not that brave x

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