Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best School Night Ever

Writing a blog has not been something I’ve not felt like doing lately... Between moving from Canada to London, and all the little stops in between, it feels like I’ve only just now been able to slow down a bit, un-pack everything and start to breathe again… so with tonight firmly snapping me back in to the present I felt it was something worth writing about.

The evening started off innocently enough, heading in to Shoreditch for a haircut. I’d agreed to stop by Oxford Street with my friend on the way, to see the lighting of the Christmas Lights. The excitement of this came and went within the space of the first few minutes, and we were left feeling a little bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.

Half an hour later we found ourselves lured in to one of Brick Lanes famous curry houses, with pushy promises of free drinks and discounts off our bill. To be honest this was not a hard sell, but also mildly distressing at the same time considering the close proximity of my impending appointment - and I did not want to piss off the hair dresser.

Once the free wine had arrived all bets were off. I called the bitchy receptionist who informed me (with just the right amounts of condescending attitude laced with sarcastic boredom) that no, it would probably not be ok if I was slightly late, and yes. I should re-schedule. Ok. Done.

After the Lamb Goa and Coconut Naan came out I had resolved this to be one of my better life decisions. And once I’d sampled the Almond Rice and Butter Chicken it was ridiculously obvious. Yay me. Tres spur of the moment.

Feeling very satisfied with ourselves, we took advantage of the warm evening and strolled our way into a Fair Ground conveniently located in the middle of Covent Garden. Marvelling at the rides, I told B that “Power Surge” was really not that scary, and in fact you actually felt quite safe. We should definitely go on it. (Pause for a moment-this really would have to be the perfect date). Once we were on the platform and locked into the seats protruding from several rotating claws connected to one giant mother of all claws I was not so sure this was such a good idea.

Oh. Mi. God!

I screamed so much on that ride that the gum flew out of my mouth. After praying that the G-forces of my body against the harness would not make it fling open and send me flying over Troccedero it was all over. I was gushing with happiness and euphoria, and secretly thanking the Lord that I’d completed this psychological mission in one piece, and no curry had been regurgitated.

This is living. This is my London x

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  1. I am laughing out loud reading this. Thank you for a wild night, and also for letting me re-live it this morning. Still smiling at our bravery and sense of adventure.

    B x