Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's been happening?

Well, a lot, really...

A fight with my boyfriend on the London Eye took place, resulting in his parents separating us like children in front of other onlooking passengers. Freezing at the Christmas Markets in Southbank, a successful trip to Top Shop for my sister, and a Sunday that started out with good intentions....

Taking a stroll through the hood, it was my plan to go to Lyndon's to get some Calico for my fashion folio (fully intending to dedicate my day to said folio, to make all the samples I had dreamt up.. but hadn't actually transferred from my brain yet)... strolling, strolling, strolling.. I strolled past my fave vintage store and saw the most amazing fur in the window. Double-take! I had to detour and investigate this further...

Once inside I was confronted by a surprise. A friend from my fashion class! May I say; impressed that she managed to score a job at such an awesome store.

We gushed over the fur in the window (wolf) and lusted after the Giuseppe Zanotti's with a what looked like ply-wood jigsaw heels. Then we mutually complained about how much work we had not managed to accomplish and I was on my way again.

Walking down Portobello Road I spied huge signs plastered to the front of a shop: "25% off EVERYTHING". NO! The shop where I had picked out and planned to buy the most perfect leather jacket ever! This had to be a sign from Heaven.

Long story short the jacket was purchased. It now resides in my closet, along with a gorge pair of navy blue jeans I also picked up. The success of this purchase, in my mind, seemed to somewhat cancel out the epic fail of my non-existent folio homework that's still hanging over my head (hopefully this will materialise by next weekend).

Successful Sunday x

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